Tools and prototypes for computer assisted thinking and learning. Computers enable us to think in ways that we naturally can't and make many other thought processes much easier. Mind maps are one way to extend our cognitive capabilities but they only solve a specific set of problems. These kinds of tools are something I love to work on whenever I have the time.
  • Socrateaser — Guided thinking using predefined question sets. Avoid context switching and use cognitive off-loading to facilitate repeating thinking tasks.
  • Valuesorter — (Bubble) Sort out a list of thoughts. Simple, guided sorting algorithm to help in prioritizing things, using pairwise comparisons.
  • Synapticle — Tickle your brain with information, reinforce your memory, collide ideas.
  • Numbervision — Trainer for visual acuity and working memory. Android app in Play Store.
More bits and pieces of code at my GitHub account.