Would you too like some help in navigating your thoughts? Maybe you've got a specific goal you want to reach but are not getting yourself to action? Maybe you're working through a challenge in your business or personal life that seems to pull you in two opposite directions?

Besides my software work, I'm also a certified coach. At the moment I'm in process of getting certified at the Master level.

My sessions take around one hour, mainly online. I'll guide you through a structured thought process, mostly by using questions.

You'll map out your present reality, then choose a topic to work on and set an objective for it. You'll brainstorm solutions on how to get there and close with specific action steps you choose to take towards your objective.

Coaching is all about personal change. It's about clarifying your thoughts and direction in a methodic way. It's about developing the mental skill and flexibility to solve any problem that the life throws at you.

Coaching is about taking action.

Get in touch, if interested!

If you want to get on overview of my way of thinking, check out my book Mind on maps: Navigate your thoughts methodically with digital mind maps (Amazon).