For all inquiries, I'd appreciate a message through the form below. I've mainly been working in remote assignments and teams since 2013.

Software Product Development

The passion of generating new ideas and turning them into working software – that solves actual user problems – drives me to constantly learn more. The 10+ years of experience in software development has taught me about a range of technologies.

I'm a full-stack data developer, meaning I can design a data-centric web service from the ground up and even build a modest one myself. I'm at home exploring and analysing data, I know how to build models and deploy them into production – and how to visualize data for effective communication and business insights.

I'm happiest when designing and building prototypes, but I also enjoy being part of building continuously improving development processes. Being an entrepreneur myself has taught me plenty about the business side of software as well.

I'm a strong communicator – especially in writing – which helps me thrive in virtual teams. The ideal role for me is somewhere in the middle of development, design, management and business.

Technology Bootstrapping

I can help you get started and set up a healthy foundation for you software development project.

Before assembling a team I can help you validate your business idea by building a working software prototype and validate its technical feasibility by doing research and doing a proof-of-concept.

Searching, evaluating, selecting and setting up what your software team needs, including:

  • Programming languages
  • Development tools and workflows
  • Open-source platforms, frameworks and components
  • Test automation
  • Continuous integration and deployment
  • Containerization and cloud environment


Besides the software work I've also done quite a bit of personal coaching, mostly related to personal career and skills development.

As your coach I would help you set up goals and sort out your priorities. I would support and challenge you in reaching your goals, mostly by asking you a lot of questions.

Coaching is about personal development and change. It's about clarifying your thoughts and direction in a methodic way. It's about developing the mental skill and flexibility to solve any problem that the life throws at you.

If you want to get on overview of my way of thinking, check out my book Mind on maps: Navigate your thoughts methodically with digital mind maps (Amazon).

I do this on the side, so I usually only have 1–2 clients at a time. The process usually takes 2–5 months, with one (virtual) meeting every week or two.